Singapore's stunning four-bedroom HDB resale price breaks the table
Oct 27, 2022
Singapore's stunning four-bedroom HDB resale price breaks the table Singapore
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Abstract: A high-rise apartment in Singapore's Dashling flat changed hands for $1.37 million, setting a new high resale price for a four-bedroom apartment.

According to the Housing Development Board's website, a unit on the 46th to 48th floors of the 1D building on Guangdong Lumen Road changed hands in October for $1.37 million. The Daschlein apartment is 93 square meters in size and the land lease is retained for 87 years and four months.


It was the highest priced four-bedroom resale unit in Singapore, Fu Yingkuan, head of industrial research at 99 Group, told Newsline.


He said, generally speaking, it takes a while for buyers and sellers to complete the transaction process after signing the option, so I believe the deal was probably negotiated before the cooling measures were announced at the end of last month.


Fu Yingkuan believes that the number of transactions of million units in Singapore is believed to decrease in the coming months after the announcement of the cooling measures.


However, the units in the Boulder Ridge skyscraper are uniquely designed and are not subject to the minimum 10-year residency period for units in prime locations. I believe they are still attractive.


Sun Yanqing, director of Orange Industrial Research and Consulting, said in an interview that condominiums of similar size in the city center are currently priced above $3 million, and new condominiums on the edge of the city center cost around $2.1 million.


This resale four-bedroom apartment in the downtown area is relatively more attractive.


Sun Yanqing also pointed out that under the latest measures, people aged 55 and above do not have to comply with a waiting period when moving from a private home to a four-bedroom or smaller resale unit.


Coupled with the limited number of four-bedroom units in the city, homebuyers may expect demand in the area to remain strong in the future, and therefore still complete high-priced transactions after the announcement of the measures.


In addition, Mak Chun-wing, head of Era's Industrial Research and Consulting Department, previously told New People's Daily that he believes the resale volume of one million will definitely decrease in the next two to three months until the Lunar New Year, but may pick up after the year.


He pointed out that the cooling measures have just been announced and many people will wait and see for a while.


In addition, the end of the year is supposed to be the low season of the market, and this year is the first year-end long holiday after the epidemic.


With more people going abroad, the number of transactions will naturally be less. However, properties that can sell for millions must have their own characteristics to attract buyers, and I believe there will still be demand.