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New project attracts 3,000 previews on first day of opening
Jan 9, 2023
New project attracts 3,000 previews on first day of opening Singapore
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Abstract: In recent days, news has also emerged that the new private residential project, Sceneca Residence in Tanah Merah, has received an overwhelming response, with about 3,000 people, including many foreign visitors, previewing the show flats on the first day of opening on Sunday (January 1).

The developer noted that it was encouraged by the large number of visitors to the show flats on the first day of opening.


As it is the holiday season, many potential buyers and real estate agents are still traveling abroad, but there are still many people coming.


Many countries have opened their borders, so this preview also welcomed more foreign visitors.


In addition, many experts are also optimistic about the sales of Jingle Court.


Some experts said that in the case of Jingle Court, buyers can buy a one-bedroom unit for less than $1 million, and less than 5% of local private housing projects are connected to MRT stations like this one, so it is speculated that the project will be highly regarded by the market.


According to data provided by OrangeTee & Tie, there will be 48 new private residential units available in 2023, with a total of 11,391 units.


In addition, there will be two new Executive Condominiums (EC) in Bukit Batok West, which will result in more than 12,000 new private residential units.


Experts predict that the local new private housing market will remain active in the coming year, with prices expected to rise between 2% and 8%, based on the launch of more new projects to meet the backlog demand and the return of more foreign buyers.


In addition, some analysts also believe that the new private residential market will remain resilient, high interest rates are not expected to impact the demand for homes. Many homeowners who have sold their HDB flats in the past year are still looking for alternative housing.


Based on good employment and income growth, demand for housing from HDB lifters remains strong.


Experts also say that high interest rates are unlikely to affect sales of new homes, noting that Singapore's property market is resilient to high interest rates, in contrast to many cities around the world where property prices are tumbling.


With 2022 AMO Residence sold 98% of its units on the first day of trading; Lentor Modern in Qushui sold 508 units in two days, accounting for 84% of the total units! SkyEden@Bedo sold nearly 77% of its units on the first day of trading! After the frequent emergence of the "Sun Disc" phenomenon, what exactly will be the charm of the next upcoming Sun Disc, "Sceneca Residence"? Today I'll take a closer look!

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New project attracts 3,000 previews on first day of opening