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5 must-see new housing projects
Oct 26, 2022
5 must-see new housing projects Singapore
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  • Corning River Bay
  • Huali World Home
  • Guoco Times City
  • Wanbao Xuan
Abstract: Singapore's real estate market is bucking the trend and some experts predict that the headwinds in Singapore's housing market may continue until 2030.

Briefly introduce 5 good quality properties in Singapore.


Corning River Bay


  • Product Type:Condo

  • Room Type:4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms - 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms

  • Total price range: S$7 million - S$8.968 million

  • Area: 180.98 sqm-259.01 sqm

  • Payment method:5% down payment can be contracted




A high-rise riverside residence in the Garden City, with a breathtaking view of the Singapore River and the city by the water.


Underground access to Fulconing MRT station on the city center line and river cabs to Marina Bay and Robertson Quay.


With the backdrop of Fulconing Hill and overlooking the Singapore River, the location is unique.


This is a new mega mixed-use project in the heart of the area with luxury residences, dining and retail malls, serviced apartments and hotels.


A luxury clubhouse, sky gym, infinity pool, sky dining, flexible lounge and function rooms allow for unobstructed living and a variety of interior design styles.


The development is located in the heart of Manchester city center and forms part of Manchester's new skyline.


Wally World House


  • Product Type:Apartments

  • Rooms:3 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms-4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms

  • Total Price Range:S$41.18-$90.98 million

  • Size: 121.98 sqm-184.97 sqm

  • Payment:5% signable




Located at 180 meters above sea level, it is the top of the Lion City in Singapore and has been listed in the top 10 luxury properties in the world.


The project downstairs is directly connected to Tanjong Pagar MRT station, where commercial, retail, residential and transportation elements are integrated into one.


As Singapore's most established financial center, Tanjong Pagar is home to many large financial institutions, including the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, and the Securities Investors Association.


Guoco Times City


  • Product Type:Apartment

  • Room Type:1 bedroom, 1 bathroom - 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms

  • Total price range:S$163.8-4.718 million

  • Area:38㎡-133.04㎡

  • Payment method: 15% can be signed




Extraordinary location in the heart of the city, conveniently located at the intersection of City Hall, Marina Bay and Vujasic.


Super city complex, enjoy prosperity without leaving home.


Recreate the oasis in the city of New York, leading the new life at the forefront. The project integrates humanity, nature, health, livability and comfort, and perfectly combines the living ecology, natural ecology and innovation ecology of the future home.


Wanbao Xuan


  • Product type:Apartment

  • Room type: 1 room, 1 bathroom - 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms

  • Total price range: S$1.229-2.867 million

  • Area:40.04sqm-107.02sqm

  • Payment method:5% signable.




Designed by the renowned designer Dr. Lee Chee Meng, the development will be built on a site of approximately 7,653 sqm and will feature two 39-storey, 178m high buildings with a series of world's first vertically aligned sky gardens.


It is just a three-minute walk from the Ou Nan MRT station, a three-line interchange station connecting the East-West Line, the Northeast Line and the soon-to-be-opened Thomson East Coast Line.


There are 9 kindergartens, 5 quality elementary school and Ou Nan Yuan Middle School within 2 kilometers, with great future potential.


Capital Royal Palace


  • Product type:Apartment

  • Room type:3 rooms and 2 bathrooms - 4 rooms and 2 bathrooms

  • Total price range:S$112,949-128,919,000

  • Area:278.99 sqm-315.03 sqm

  • Payment method:5% signable




This project is located in the Post 6 area, adjacent to the Government House MRT station, with very convenient transportation around.


Located in the heart of Singapore, surrounded by three MRT lines.


It has the Marina Bay, nearby Sands Hotel, Esplanade, Ferris wheel in its view and the chijmes can be seen from the view of the Capital Palace.


The building has an infinity pool and overlooks the night view of Marina Bay and the brilliant lights of the CBD from the comfort of your home.


A combination of luxury residences, function theater, high-end shopping plaza, and six-star hotel.

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5 must-see new housing projects