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New EC Project Copen Grand
Oct 12, 2022
By   Internet
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Abstract: Recently, the new EC project, Copen Grand, was launched in Tengah, a future key town in the western part of Singapore, and this project is very popular and has attracted the attention of many potential buyers.

EC is in better condition compared to HDB apartments, with common common facilities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, etc. The interior of the apartment is also well decorated.


EC also has 24-hour security, which is much safer! The introduction of property management also allows users to address their housing needs in the first place.


One can enjoy the full service of the condominium at a lower price and even resell it at a profit in the future. As a result, the market for EC in Singapore is becoming increasingly tight.


Recently, a new EC project, Copen Grand, was launched in Tengah, a future key municipality in the western part of Singapore.


Tengah Newtown is a residential area that is currently being developed by the Singapore government. Unlike the existing towns in Singapore, the construction of Tengah Newtown will introduce more environmental friendly concepts and this town is known as the first forest town in Singapore.


Copen Grand is located in Tengah Garden Walk and covers an area of 236,808 square feet. According to the government's vision, it will be divided into five distinctive residential areas: idyllic, green garden, garden area, red brick area and mountain view area.


The entire project is being developed by CDL, one of Singapore's leading property developers, and MDL Land, a subsidiary of Hongkong Land.


Properties are often purchased not only for self-occupation but also for investment.


Copen Grand, as an EC development project launched in Singapore, has great prospects for appreciation.


Firstly, the existing EC market supply in Singapore is almost in a vacuum.


Therefore, Copen Grand is very popular in Singapore and has attracted the attention of many potential buyers.


Moreover, as the first EC development in Terengganu Newtown, Copen Grand also has a strong first mover advantage.


The building is not far away and Singapore is served by two expressways, the Kranji Expressway and the Pan Island Expressway. It's easy to get anywhere!


If you don't want to drive, public transportation is also available here. In the government's plan, the Jurong Regional Line MRT will pass through the Tengah area and Copen Grand is right along the MRT line!


Walk 250 meters to Denga MRT station and another 500 meters to Denga Plantation MRT station. From here, it's easy to go anywhere in Singapore!


Although this is a township being developed by the government, the Copen Grand neighborhood is not deserted.


Le Quest shopping mall is now completed and is just a 4-minute walk from Copen Grand!


West Mall in the regional shopping center Acropolis is just a 6 minute drive along Bukit Batok's 6th Road.



Fine food stores, a huge supermarket chain. The mall also has a movie theater! Here you can have a one-stop shop for all your lifestyle needs!


If you live in Copen Grand, you don't have to worry if you have a headache or a fever, there are many medical clinics within 2 kilometers to meet your daily needs.


If you don't want to go out during the rest time, you can also eat near your apartment.


Starting from Copen Grand, many well-reviewed restaurants in Singapore such as Indian restaurant Anandham Chettinad, local Singaporean gourmet Caramel Restaurant and Wing Hing Tea Restaurant are within walking distance of the project with a wide variety of options to choose from.


If you want to exercise and relax, there is Bukit Batok Central Park, Bukit Batok Town Park and Bukit Batok Hillside Nature Park close by Copen Grand which is simply a natural oxygen bar.


In the vicinity of Copen Grand, there are many Singapore schools.


  • Eden School
  • Princess Elizabeth Primary School
  • Bukit Batok Secondary School
  • Dazhong Primary School
  • Dunearn Secondary School
  • St. Anthony's Primary School
  • Crest Secondary School
  • Jurong Primary School
  • Little Professors Learning Centre
  • Dulwich College (Singapore) 


Among them, Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Bukit Batok Secondary School

The school has a great reputation.


If you live here, your child's future education is guaranteed.

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