More than 2,000 pre-purchase HDB flats to be launched in Dangar Newtown this month
Nov 22, 2022
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Abstract: The Housing Development Board (HDB) will launch more than 2,000 pre-owned HDB flats in Tengah Newtown for purchase this month, with a waiting time of only about three years to receive the keys to the flats.

In a media release, HDB said that the "Garden Waterfront I & II @ Tengah" project, which will be launched during this month's pre-owned HDB sales campaign, will offer two- to five-bedroom HDB flats for purchase. One of the projects will have some rental units.


The new project will have a view of the Tengah Pond and is close to the future Jurong Regional Line's Tengah MRT station, and will have a 16m wide green walkway connecting to the MRT station to encourage residents to adopt a green lifestyle.


A 1,000-square-meter community garden will be created for residents to plant fruits and vegetables in the area.


The garden path will also have a kindergarten as well as play and fitness areas for residents to relax and unwind in the lush green space.


It is worth mentioning that the height of the HDB flats on both sides of the garden farm road are also relatively low.


The authorities announced earlier that the two new projects in Tengah will experiment with a number of advanced technologies, including the "Building Retrofit Project" and "No Beam Technology", which will improve productivity and give homeowners more flexibility in designing the interior layout and decoration.


Since 2018, the authorities have launched nearly 17,000 HDB flats in Denga Newtown.


The authorities said that although the progress of HDB construction projects has been affected by the coronary epidemic, more than 70 percent of the projects currently have a waiting time of four years or less.