The Attractive Features of Singapore Freehold Property
Nov 12, 2022
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Abstract: Singapore has long attracted high net worth individuals from all over the world due to its prime geographical location and quality living environment. In addition, Singapore's security index is the highest in the world and Singapore itself is a rare business hub in Asia, making it a deservedly attractive investment destination.

Among the many investment projects, real estate investment occupies a place. Among the real estate investments, freehold properties are preferred.


In Singapore, freehold properties are properties where the owner can hold the title for an indefinite period of time and the title belongs to the owner and the government is not allowed to interfere unless the land is acquired for public purposes such as building roads, MRT systems, schools, hospitals, parks and HDB flats.


In Singapore, there are restrictions on the use of loans and CPF if the remaining period of the land lease is less than 60 years.


If the remaining period of the lease is less than 40 years, it will be difficult to sell the property.


However, freehold properties have little to no time left on the deed and can be sold for a higher price as long as they have the freehold, as buyers are usually not looking for the home itself but the freehold.


In addition, freehold properties have the quality of scarcity. This is because the Singapore government has stopped selling freehold land since 2007.


In other words, the total number of freehold properties in Singapore will no longer grow and freehold land is becoming scarce and freehold properties are considered as a scarce resource.


Although freehold properties are more expensive, buyers are still targeting freehold properties.


Freehold properties are mainly concentrated in the core areas of Orchard Road, Bukit Timah, East Coast and Novena, and there are basically no freehold properties in the newly developed areas by the government, so few freehold properties are close to the MRT.


However, City Developments Group (CDL) is giving buyers a new option with freehold projects that are conveniently located and have a wide range of amenities.


Cliveden at Grange, designed by architect Carlos Ott, is located close to Singapore's internationally acclaimed Orchard Road luxury location and backed by the 10th Post Office District.


Close to Orchard MRT Station and the ongoing Orchard Boulevard MRT Station, it offers a wide range of entertainment and daily amenities.


Marina Bay Sands is just minutes away and offers a five-star entertainment, shopping and dining experience.


For the comfort of its owners, The Residences offers a wide range of amenities such as a fitness and wellness room, outdoor gourmet barbecue area, play pool, swimming pool, children's playground and spa.


The spa is surrounded by a beautiful environment with lush vegetation, which is very relaxing.


In addition, the estate has a paradise garden with garden paths, a babbling stream and colorful flowers and trees.


The estate also has a clubhouse with a retreat area, a wellness area and a sky garden, with a hot tub and steam room in the retreat space.


The living and dining rooms have marble floors, while the bedrooms have warm solid wood floors.


The kitchen is equipped with Miele brand kitchenware and high-end equipment including range hood, stove, refrigerator with wine cooler and high-quality dishwasher.


The spacious walk-in closet is from the Italian brand Poliform.


The master bathroom also features Hansgrohe Axor Starck's X Collection and Villeroy & Boch's exquisite bathroom products, as well as a long bathtub by Sovereign Florence.


The house is decorated in a magnificent way.