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Netflix HDB House Dushengge
Oct 19, 2022
By   Internet
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Abstract: The New Year's Eve fireworks in 2021 were instead set off in various neighborhoods, and the excellent view of Dushengbe Garden attracted many non-residents to come and enjoy the fireworks, which at one point caused the elevators to be blocked.

Dusheng Court is an innovative new style HDB housing development that was commissioned by the Singapore government and designed by the renowned architectural design studio SCDA, with government agencies such as the National Parks Board and Land Transport Authority of Singapore also involved in the design of the community landscape.


Du Sheng Court is surrounded by various trees and has a greenery rate of over 50%. It is like a building located in a park landscape and is known as a park home.


Du Sheng Court consists of five buildings ranging from 40 to 43 stories, with white and brown colors used on the exterior to better integrate the buildings with the surrounding landscape.


The eaves and corners of the lower floors of Dusheng Court are planted with greenery, and the hanging branches stick together exactly with the planted trees and grass, like plants clinging to the residential buildings from the ground in symbiosis.


The landscape of the community is connected to the surrounding greenery. If the residents look from the high-rise, the first glimpse of lush greenery will directly feel the unique charm of Singapore as a garden city.


Of course, the sky garden of Tussauds is just right to reduce the coldness that comes with the grey exterior color.



The uniqueness of Tussauds is that each building is connected by three gardens.


One garden is located on the top level of the parking lot and the other two are located between floors, which ensures that it does not take too long for each household to reach the nearest garden.


The garden at the top of the parking lot covers the largest area and connects all the residential buildings of Duson Court, where all residents can walk and relax.


The garden is also subdivided into different corridors to give residents more options when walking through the garden.


The garden in the parking lot also has a sitting area where residents who want to stop and rest after a walk can sit and relax while enjoying the nature around them and in the distance.


Several of the open gardens have great views and are great places to watch the fireworks during the holiday season.


If you get tired of visiting the three gardens, residents can take a walk and exercise on the lawn on the first floor. Duson Court also has an outdoor theater on the first floor for related entertainment activities.


The design of the household structure of Dusheng Court has a special meaning.


In order to strengthen the bond between young people and their elders, the Singapore government has introduced a policy. The closer a couple lives to their elders, the bigger the discount when buying a home.


This is the reason why SCDA has deliberately divided the household type of Solo Court into standard family units and Lakeview loft units, with the main purpose of encouraging the living environment to run in a family.


Most young Singaporeans move out of their elders' homes because the lack of privacy makes living together too awkward.


The design of the units at Tussauds has taken this into consideration. Both the Lakeview loft unit and the standard family unit have their own doors with a common door inside for both families to access each other, perfectly solving the privacy of their usual residence and ensuring communication between the two generations.


For another standard family unit that is not connected to the Lakeview loft unit, the extra space can be made into a small loft, which not only frees up half more space, but also enhances the sense of space in the living room.


Tusheng Court gives a new note to the traditional concept of three generations living together, just as it is a new type of HDB project that re-injects new vitality into Queenstown.

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