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Oct 19, 2022
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Abstract: There are some basic common sense things to know about buying and selling from the time you start looking for a property to the time you finish the closing process.

Distinction of house type


Example of HDB house type.


Three-bedroom room, which is a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house type.


A four-bedroom house is a three-bedroom, one-bathroom house type.


Five-bedroom room, usually only three bedrooms, but the overall area will be larger, and some will have an extra study, which can also be converted into a four-bedroom.


Examples of apartment types.


A few-bedroom apartment is an apartment with several bedrooms.


A three-bedroom apartment is a three-bedroom apartment, and a four-bedroom apartment is a four-bedroom apartment.


Agency Fee


HDB flat sale.


The agents of the buyer and seller charge an agency fee to the parties they represent. An agent cannot represent both the buyer and seller and cannot charge both parties at the same time.


Apartment Sale and Purchase.


Generally only the seller pays the agency fee, the buyer does not.


Both agents will share the agency fee given by the seller, and the exact division will be negotiated between the agents.


Of course, the buyer can also pay the agency fee if he/she wants to. For example, if the buyer feels that the agent's service is good or for other reasons, he/she should inform the owner and his/her agent to try to avoid disputes over interests.


Listing Information


All listings in Singapore are basically public and generally there is no such thing as exclusive listing information. Especially for ordinary houses, you can find them on some common websites.


Communicate effectively with the agent and tell your true thoughts and needs. For example, your budget, preferred location of the house, floor, orientation, house layout, etc.


This communication is ongoing because many home buyers change their mind during the house hunting process. Be sure to tell the agent in time or waste both parties' time.


Also, you need to be patient because it takes a lot of research to find the right house.

New properties can only be sold by agents of the agency.


Wrong statement.


Agents can buy and sell almost any property in Singapore. For example, an agent who lives in the east can also be the market in the west if he/she wants.


It is the agent's personal choice. They choose to do the market around their home usually just because of convenience, but it can also be a market elsewhere as long as the right merchant is available.


However, whether it's one or multiple agents, other agents who are not representing this property at the moment are also allowed to take clients to buy a home.


It makes almost no difference to the client, just who does the paperwork and the price of the house is exactly the same.