HDB Singapore Launches Another New BTO Project
Oct 18, 2022
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Abstract: On October 13, HDB Singapore made public the Ulu Pandan HDB project, which includes 1,330 three-bedroom and four-bedroom units, and the entire construction work will be in harmony with the surrounding environment.

On October 13, HDB Singapore unveiled three new HDB projects, also known as Ulu Pandan HDB.


All three HDB projects will be built in the Duffer Forest area near Dover MRT station.


As early as last August, the Singapore government has decided to revise the development plan of Dover Forest.


The core concept of HDB Ulu Pandan is to promote healthy living and sustainable development, so HDB will preserve nearly 5 hectares of green space.


About 11 hectares of land in the eastern part of the forest will be used for the construction of pre-purchased HDB flats and the western part is made into a nature park.


In November this year, HDB will be the first to launch one of the pre-purchase HDB projects, which includes 1,330 three- and four-bedroom units, and the entire construction will be in harmony with the surrounding environment.


In order to allow residents to enjoy the view of the nearby Ulu Pandan waterway, HDB has purposely designed the apartments near the waterway as low-rise HDB flats of 6 to 12 storeys, with high-rise HDB flats of 33 to 44 storeys at the back.


To enhance sustainability, rain gardens and sky gardens will also be built between the seven HDB flats.


For residents who want to walk more, there is also a 1.2 hectare nature park in the area, preserving the natural streams and most of the fauna and flora of Duffer Forest.


The pre-buy building project is now popular with many people.


Although the pre-purchase HDB flats will take at least a few years to wait for completion and may be aborted because the number of units sold is less than 70% of the total number of units in the project.


But the Singapore government has recently come up with good lots with large footprints and improved overall quality.


Moreover, buying such HDB flats will enable the buyers to enjoy high subsidies from HDB. Even though the housing market in Singapore is now experiencing a collective increase in prices, the prices of first-hand HDB flats are lower than those of condominiums and resale HDB flats.